Your individual self-care plan for every day should include appropriate body manipulation. The most elementary thing is a daily shower, and in the summer it is useful to wash off sweat and dirt twice a day. Be sure to use a washcloth and shower gel every time you bathe, and 1-2 in a few days you can supplement them with a scrub.

The latter remedy cleanses and tones the skin better than others, giving it velvety and silky.

Do not forget about applying deodorant, which will help keep the skin clean for a longer time. If you do not use wax or other cosmetics to remove unwanted vegetation from the body, then visiting the bathroom, once every few days it is worth removing it with a conventional machine. It will be useful for girls to familiarize themselves with examples of exercises for flexibility. At a minimum, take care of the absence of hair on the legs and armpits, as these areas (especially in the summer) are most striking.