Well, suppose you have already clearly understood why you should always remain beautiful and attractive, but how can you force yourself to take care of yourself if you are not used to using scrubs, visiting a nail salon or regular hair removal? To begin with, try to focus your attention on sensual pleasure: choose cosmetics with pleasant aromas, interesting textures or just beautiful jars and vials. For example, the fascinating aroma of shower gel will make trips to the bathroom very relaxing, and you will not want to give up another meeting “with him” even after a hard day’s work. Try to surround yourself with such small baits, and you yourself will not notice how you will begin to enjoy every application of cream or taking a bath.

To simplify the big task of caring for your body, you can break it into several stages.

For example, you do not need to think about how you can use a means for makeup, tonic or night cream together, the application of which will probably take at least half an hour. You won’t apply them all at once (any product should be absorbed), which means you won’t have to sit behind the mirror for an hour, and even after work. We did some important things (for example, turned on the washing machine) – cleaned the face with tonic, applied a mask and ran to the kitchen. Finished things there, you can run into the bathroom again and apply the serum, leaving it to soak during dinner. As a result, you will only have to use the cream almost before going to bed, for example, while watching your favorite movie. If these tricks are not enough for you and you still do not know how to convince yourself to regularly take care of yourself at home, then just buy more expensive cosmetics. It’s one thing to send a budget version of the cream for long-term storage, but it’s quite another to spend money on an expensive care product. A lotion or tonic for a tidy sum will simply “shout” from the shelf about its importance, not letting the owner forget about them. Important! If you have spent money on an expensive cream, then do not save it, because there will be no benefit from it, all the waste will be in vain. Starting to take care of yourself regularly, look in the mirror more often, admiring the result, so you will only convince yourself of the need to continue the entire course of events. However, in this matter it is important not to relax, because a good condition of the skin does not mean that it will remain like this forever and you no longer need to strain. Another very good source of positive motivation is the environment of a girl/woman. When you constantly hear compliments in your address, then you want to keep a good figure, smooth skin or a new haircut for longer, so as not to deprive yourself of all the praise. Having paid due attention to these small recommendations, you yourself will not notice how the topic of self-care will no longer torment you with questions “how to overcome laziness” or “where to start procedures”, and all the activities carried out will be accompanied only by a positive attitude.