Even at a young age, can boast of perfect facial skin, but they have not yet invented a powder that would completely hide the frank unkemptness. All irregularities, pimples, enlarged pores or pigmentation are still visible under a thick layer of cosmetics, and if they can be hidden, then your face will no longer have a natural look. To get rid of future problems, it is important to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin in advance, and do all this on a regular basis. Be sure to wash your face regularly and protect your face from sunlight, which will help to cope with sunburn and wrinkles. It is also worth considering the rules of makeup. Choose cosmetics that can emphasize, not hide your positive features, and always use a cleanser before applying it (it is better to choose an option marked “for delicate skin”, “without fragrance”).

Such products do not dry the skin, will not cause irritation.

After removing makeup, use a non-greasy lotion to moisturize the skin. Do not forget about the eyebrows, and before applying cosmetics, you can pinch them to give the correct shape. Important! If you have problematic skin with permanent acne formation, the cleanser should not contain oil. Try to create a look of daytime freshness, using only natural tones when applying makeup. To do this, first use a foundation to even out the skin tone (or BB cream, hiding age spots and improving skin tone), then apply blush to the cheekbones and finally make up the eyelashes with mascara. You can also add a colorless lip gloss.