We learned from professional stylists what color it is worth to repaint your hair in order to be on trend

The change of season causes an irresistible desire for external changes, and most often it concerns hair color. American psychologists confirm that a new shade of hair can make life sparkle with new colors, although perhaps nothing has changed dramatically.

Maxim Rokitsky, top stylist, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel Paris and art director of the BLK hairdressing salon: “Trends in coloring change almost every season, but the fashion for a well-groomed look and healthy shine of hair will stay with us all 2022. Choose a color depending on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on maintaining the quality of your hair — for example, a blonde will require not only home care, but also regular salon procedures so that there are no over-dried strands and split ends! The second rule of this autumn: coloring should only emphasize the beauty of natural hair. Avoid a drastic change of shade and enhance what is given by nature.”

Anna Varshavskaya, stylist of the beauty studio PMP Beauty:

“Autumn is the time when warm and dark shades prevail in coloring. Many people are painted in brunettes, and blondes go from cold shades to warm ones. Eccentric girls or those who are not afraid of experiments, choose burgundy shades in the fall.”

Maxim Rokitsky: “The main trend of autumn 2022 for blonde hair is caramel blonde. Now absolutely everyone is asking for it from the master, but do not be afraid: each girl reveals such coloring in her own way. Caramel blonde combines shades from light brown and honey to chocolate, creating a beautiful overflow and multifaceted volume, looks luxurious and expensive. Such a blonde will be ideal for a warm color type: bronze, dark or peach skin, warm shades of eyes (brown, walnut, amber or green) — and will not suit “cold” girls with transparent porcelain skin.”