Body care is too broad a concept, so in order to accurately understand all the nuances of this process, it is important to consider its individual components: due attention to hair, face, body, legs, arms, clothes, etc. Hair is the first rule of a well–groomed girl – no “fat head”. This means that if you need to wash your hair every other day or every day, then you should do it with such frequency that the hair is always clean.

The second thing to remember when caring for hair is the regularity of the coloring process.

Having dyed your hair once, you are obliged to monitor their growth, since overgrown roots (more than 2 cm) spoil the appearance of any woman or girl. And, of course, a lot in a harmonious image depends on the right hairstyle. Learn how to protect your hair from the sun. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but do not forget that it should match your face shape as much as possible. In addition, in choosing the length of hair, it is worth listening to the opinion of the French: the older the woman, the shorter the hairstyle should be. Try to emphasize your natural facial features with styling.