Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but by and large there is a gap between how girls from the province and girls living in the city look. And this is confirmed by beauty experts.

No. 1

“Of course, both in Moscow and in the provincial corners of our vast country, girls and women read the same magazines, watch the same bloggers, but at the same time it is quite easy to distinguish the distinctive features of exclusively Moscow fashion for makeup. It is characterized by trendiness, relevance, accuracy and convenience.”


“Convenience in makeup? Exactly. Moscow is a big dynamic city. Metropolitan beauties can not afford to spend a lot of time on make-up and even more so constantly correct it. Therefore, Muscovites choose high-quality cosmetics, and not only to achieve an impeccable result, but also based on practical goals: so that the mascara does not crumble at the most inopportune moment, the foundation is not imprinted on the phone, and the lipstick is not smeared after a sip of coffee or (God forbid!) it didn’t stay on someone’s cheek or shirt.”


“Speaking of money. Needless to say, the standard of living in the capital is different from the provincial one? I am sure that girls from the province would be happy to buy cosmetics of the premium segment if they had such an opportunity. Of course, there are great products from the mass market, but their search can take years.”

I noticed that many girls who can’t afford expensive cosmetics show amazing ingenuity. And it’s cool, especially if combined with good taste.

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“The sense of taste is a separate topic. Trends are, of course, great, but they don’t go to everyone. You can always experiment with the image, but, realizing that it’s not yours, just don’t use it. Often metropolitan girls sacrifice their own style, and sometimes put their taste in question, “drawing” something fashionable on their face, but completely unsuitable for them.”


“A face reshaped by sculpting, plus a pencil and lipstick that go far beyond the natural boundaries of the lips, as well as a thick layer of powder, arrows that can be seen from space, and false eyelashes — you don’t often see such makeup on Muscovites. Residents of provincial cities are also gradually coming to the actual lightness and naturalness in makeup. And it pleases.

Residents of the capital, as a rule, make one bright accent or do not do it at all, preferring the effect of “naked skin”. These girls know that vulgarity is not in fashion, and nobody needs to prove anything to them.”

Once I heard that girls who have recently arrived in the capital are very easy to figure out by makeup: they use a ton of cosmetics and achieve the effect of a mask when their own face is difficult to guess. I think this opinion is based on some anecdotal or serial stereotypes. And today the borders are being erased, as well as the features of provincial and Moscow makeup.


“Of course, the “canvas” is important — the face on which makeup is applied. Muscovites resort to the services of a cosmetologist more often than residents of provincial cities. Hence the absence of the need to mask imperfections. Not all girls from the province can afford expensive care procedures, which means they are forced to apply “layered” makeup.”

Bottom line: “Girls who follow fashion, love to experiment, but at the same time often turn to classics, who have a clear idea of the features of their appearance, who have a style that matches their lifestyle, age and profession, will always attract looks. And it does not matter at all whether they live in the capital or the province — even on Mars! They will certainly be admired and admired.

Yes, our country is truly huge, and there are countless beauties in it, as well as ways to emphasize this beauty. Moscow make-up is really different from provincial, and there are reasons for this: the level and lifestyle, the individual aspirations of girls, which are derived from the attitude towards themselves, goals, and so on. It turns out that makeup is not just fashion and a reflection of the spirit of the times, but also a manifestation of social, economic, psychological aspects. But no matter what, there are amazing beauties living in every corner of our country who are going in the right direction.”