“The task is not to damage the hair rods when combing. I am for wooden combs that do not allow electrification, do not tear the hair shaft, they can be safely used on wet hair. We also recommend Japanese combs. When combing, they stimulate the growth of new hair by improving microcirculation in the scalp. Ritual — during washing, massage with such a comb, and get exfoliation of the scalp by mechanical means,” — Ph.D., cosmetologist, trichologist of the SACO beauty salon network.

In case of hair loss, do not wait for the results of the procedures during the first three months

“With the help of procedures, we affect the roots. So you will notice the first changes in about three months. To restore the hair, mesotherapy is most often performed. Doctors do procedures according to the following scheme: three or four mesotherapy procedures with an interval of one week, then one plasma therapy – it is done once a month, then repeated. If there are additional problems with the hair (for example, seborrhea) that make it difficult to nourish the hair, they become brittle, the doctor selects special therapeutic shampoos, balms.”[IMAGE]