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Body friend

Your individual self-care plan for every day should include appropriate body manipulation. The most elementary thing is a daily shower, and in the summer it is useful to wash off sweat and dirt twice a day. Be sure to use a washcloth and shower gel every time you bathe, and 1-2 in a few days you can supplement them with a scrub.

The latter remedy cleanses and tones the skin better than others, giving it velvety and silky.

Do not forget about […]

Trends of dresses for autumn 2022 that you want to change into right now

We are considering catwalk images so as not to lose our way while shopping in the new fashion season

Even experts cannot give a clear answer to the question of which dress to buy in the autumn-winter 2022/23 season. Well, how can you choose from such a variety of colors, textures, styles, and unambiguously determine the only must—have for the coming six months? In order to change women from light flowing summer outfits to the start of autumn, designers chose colorful […]