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The basics of proper care

Body care is too broad a concept, so in order to accurately understand all the nuances of this process, it is important to consider its individual components: due attention to hair, face, body, legs, arms, clothes, etc. Hair is the first rule of a well–groomed girl – no “fat head”. This means that if you need to wash your hair every other day or every day, then you should do it with such frequency that the hair is always clean.

The […]

Makeup and hairstyle: 13 signs that you have recently moved to Moscow

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but by and large there is a gap between how girls from the province and girls living in the city look. And this is confirmed by beauty experts.

No. 1

“Of course, both in Moscow and in the provincial corners of our vast country, girls and women read the same magazines, watch the same bloggers, but at the same time it is quite easy to distinguish the distinctive features of exclusively Moscow fashion for […]