Month: December 2022

What if it doesn’t work out?

Well, suppose you have already clearly understood why you should always remain beautiful and attractive, but how can you force yourself to take care of yourself if you are not used to using scrubs, visiting a nail salon or regular hair removal? To begin with, try to focus your attention on sensual pleasure: choose cosmetics with pleasant aromas, interesting textures or just beautiful jars and vials. For example, the fascinating aroma of shower gel will make trips to the bathroom […]

Body friend

Your individual self-care plan for every day should include appropriate body manipulation. The most elementary thing is a daily shower, and in the summer it is useful to wash off sweat and dirt twice a day. Be sure to use a washcloth and shower gel every time you bathe, and 1-2 in a few days you can supplement them with a scrub.

The latter remedy cleanses and tones the skin better than others, giving it velvety and silky.

Do not forget about […]

Unfortunately, not all girls

Even at a young age, can boast of perfect facial skin, but they have not yet invented a powder that would completely hide the frank unkemptness. All irregularities, pimples, enlarged pores or pigmentation are still visible under a thick layer of cosmetics, and if they can be hidden, then your face will no longer have a natural look. To get rid of future problems, it is important to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin in advance, and do all this […]

The basics of proper care

Body care is too broad a concept, so in order to accurately understand all the nuances of this process, it is important to consider its individual components: due attention to hair, face, body, legs, arms, clothes, etc. Hair is the first rule of a well–groomed girl – no “fat head”. This means that if you need to wash your hair every other day or every day, then you should do it with such frequency that the hair is always clean.

The […]

How to always stay attractive?

Why is this necessary? Before we move on to a step-by-step discussion of all the components of the image of a well-groomed girl, let’s determine why this is so important. The truth is that many of the fair sex, their parents have not instilled attention to their appearance since childhood, which is why their personal life and self-esteem suffer in the future. But this does not mean that nothing can be fixed, the main thing is to determine for yourself […]