Month: October 2022

Trends of dresses for autumn 2022 that you want to change into right now

We are considering catwalk images so as not to lose our way while shopping in the new fashion season

Even experts cannot give a clear answer to the question of which dress to buy in the autumn-winter 2022/23 season. Well, how can you choose from such a variety of colors, textures, styles, and unambiguously determine the only must—have for the coming six months? In order to change women from light flowing summer outfits to the start of autumn, designers chose colorful […]

Sticky method: Step-by-step makeup instructions for masking acne


Enlarged pores, acne, acne and blackheads — all these problems are familiar not only to teenagers, but also to many adults. The reasons for their appearance on the face can be different, ranging from lack of sleep, improper nutrition, inappropriate cosmetics and ending with stress and hormonal failures. In this scenario, the face acts as a litmus test of the general state of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to neutralize skin imperfections in a complex way and with the […]